Do they think more troops

Will stop the terrorism?

They need to ask — why?

3 Comments on Foreign Policy

  1. In my opinion – I do not see how Obama’s surge (as well as the starting phase of bringing back the troops after a mere 18 months) will bring an end to terrorism or guerrilla-insurgency in Afghanistan – or for anywhere else for that matter.

    It is due to the character of the enemy the U.S are engaged with, that a purely military solution simply wont succeed in ending terrorism. If anything it only fuels it further, and can even act as propaganda, especially with the inevitable civillian fatalities that ensue – thereby creating another generation of people who are on the receiving end of violence or facing a foreign occupation.

    In any case, many have been wise to drop the Bush era title – “war on terror” because it simply doesn’t make sense – just as the “war on drugs” doesn’t make sense. You cannot have a war on some abstract idea. Moreover, terrorism is a tactic or a tool to be used in unconventional or assymetric warfare by the comparatively weak. You can’t defeat a tactic of unconventional warfare by deploying conventional warfare tactics of your own.

    Terrorism is a horrendous crime against fellow man- yet it isn’t carried out by irrational people for no reason what-so-ever. Otherwise it would be simply some form of violence that the police should be dealing with- but it is highly being a militarised problem – and it is not the police at the forefront of this “war” but the militaries.

    It has political connotations to it, it isn’t a random act of violence, but like war- it is ultimately political, with political objectives behind it. Therefore there is rationality and calculations behind an attack.

    So this means if one is serious about addressing the issue of some form of terrorism- then they need to be asking why it is? what makes it come about it in the first place? Is it because people “hate” the freedom or liberty that America stands for? Is it because of perhaps imperial foreign policies or the support it gives to Israel that possibly is a factor to consider?

    Is dropping bombs and sending more troops going to end it? I am of the opinion that it wont. And by the way drugs are still prevalent, crime still exists and so does poverty… and unfortunately terrorism will still be a tactic used in uncoventional warfare – so such “wars” being declared on them simply don’t make sense.

    When a superpower like the U.S is fighting another state (and any state would be absolutely absurd to even think about taking on U.S in conventional state-to-state warfare) then their military is perfect for the job, and the only military in the world who is above the competition.

    But when faced with non-state groups, people with no state or hierarchy to destroy, then things become more problematic. Military alone will not solve such issues, and then one must consider social, political and economic factors in trying to address such grievances, as that ultimately is what brings about groups and individuals to carry out political acts of violence.

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