A cat named Panda

Cute, but don’t let that fool you —

He killed a squirrel!

Panda the cat!

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  1. Instincts prevail in cats, but it is amazing that he caught a squirrel! He looks like a very confident kitty. Though in cats that can border on arrogance ~ the world revolves around them. I miss my Jazz.

  2. Yeh also they kind of lack in the loyalty department, if you can’t provide it would simply go to someone who can 😐

    Which is why you will never see a homeless guy with a cat.. but a dog would sit it out with you. Not the smartest but at least the most loyal πŸ˜‰

    I still love cats though, even though a dog looks up to man and a cat looks down – they know they are wanted and loved!

  3. hmmm….catching a squirrel isn’t that easy, he must be too smart πŸ™‚

    kidding, Good sets added here, Talib πŸ™‚


  4. Acha, on reading the discussion I am reminded of the old cat and dog theology,

    The dog believes, “You pet me, You feed me, You shelter me, and You love me. You must be God.” Whereas the cat’s intrinsic belief, “you pet Me, you feed Me, you shelter Me, and you love Me. I must be God.”

    This could be extended the two viewpoints in religion πŸ™‚


  5. I admire their sense of pride, despite how they are treated:)!Big up for ur cat,our cat at home digs up worms!:p I hope he grows up to be a better hunter:p hehe

      • hehe our used to do that aswell;)How good he was at it can be questioned:p when I was in Cairo the cats there seemed so skinny compared to the ones here..good u adopted one;)

  6. hmm yeh Egyptian cats are slim – just like the ones you see in Ancient Egyptian art/statues. But some did seem well-looked after, in Alexandria, near busy streets with restaurants etc

    I saw some really huge ones – I have a haiku on this one, I’ve yet to post about one I saw at a park there – just ran up to me out of nowhere and it was huge lol

    • Yeh I second that. Alexandria is my faveourite city in Egypt, way better than Cairo in my opinion, if you go on the alexandria tag on my blog there should be a couple I have posted on alex.

  7. Cairo was so crowded, but fun it’s own way…I was in Sharm-al-Sheikh short time ago…small place and I hated it! I mean,so extremely touristy that u felt like hiding just to avoid all the hassle…luckily we lived outside the city, so spend most of the time wandering by the beach:p

    • Yeh I found sharm too touristy aswell, hurghada is also touristy – but not as bad. Luxor is great for historical sites… the most I could stay in Cairo is 3 days before the pollution and overpopulation gets to you! The best weather I experienced was in Alex (though not in winter!)

  8. u seem to have done ur travelling around Egypt:) What I found kind of sweet in Cairo was seeing people on picnic in the roundabouts that had green spots;)never seen that anywhere else!:p

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