It’s that split second

Garlic, hot olive oil —

The scent that emits

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  1. It’s not that Zainab, far from that, they should read more. However, as I said – generally speaking, it’s so cliche for them to read Rumi – IF they do manage to venture into that. When there are so many great writers and poets to be exposed to.

    Take the 12th century poet Farid Attar’s Conference of the Birds – fantastic, mystical epic.

  2. Ohhh, in that sense! But then you could say people read what’s easily accessed and it’s more available..can they be blamed for that? I would say Rumi is good place to start, because it’s less complicated, and he often writes in a passionate manner that I think speaks to a lot of people. And sometimes he can be quite entertaining with his sharpness;) But true,there are many great poets out there…
    I started on conference of the birds, but never finished it because I always got interrupted somehow..and knowing the end, it took a little of the excitement away…but it was beautifully written! u have a name or is it okay to call u talib?

    • Hmm maybe but in this day and age – this “Information Age”, there is less chance for excuses about access and availability. To those that want to find other writers and poets – the resources are definately out there. This can be said about most things, we can find an immense amount of information on practically anything at our fingertips 😐

      Yeah conference of the birds is pretty heavy going- and the ending is superb, reminds me a little like the Alchemist in that sense. A simple, yet profound ending.

      Oh and Talib is fine 😉

      • Well then Talib, true, but if someone find Rumi satisfying , then why should they absolutely move on and insist on reading poets that are not as “accessible” as him…I think it’s good to expand ones horizon to more than one kind of poetry and writing, but you can’t expect that of people just so they shouldn’t be a cliche’… Just like if I was to start reading japanese or indian poetry, I would start with what’s accessible and out there…and if I find it stimulating , I might stay in that phase for some time before moving on…What I find more annoying are people who know so many poets and really seem to get it, but they are 1000 of mind from implementing those ideas to their lives…in fact, they don’t even try.,..or that they’re interest in Rumi is limited to the fact that they want to “monopolize” him as a part of building up their identity…it’s not about reading and having knowledge about so much, when your own life lacks basic wisdom…so that’s my problem with people:p

        Hm…are you speaking of the Alchemist by Paulo Coelco, or am I totally lost..? Long time since I first read it, but I remember I didn’t feel quite satisfied with the last part of the book…the ending was good, but the first and the middle part of the book was more…hmm..intruiging! if I read it again, i might have a different opinion:)

  3. Hi, Talib! First let me say that I find this haiku delicious!
    And if I may interject one comment into your conversation with Zainab, as a Westerner and new to haiku ~ I have to look up so many words in Talib’s modern haiku, that I don’t think I’m up to attempting to understand ancient poets, though maybe in the future it will be something I can attempt. It is a challenge I would love to try.

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