Somewhere on this earth

There is sunshine, whilst elsewhere —

In the darkest night

5 Comments on Time Zones

  1. I now have many Twitter friends all over the world and they are all in my future, it seems. India, Scotland, London, Bangkok, Europe, Russia, Checklosavakia (mispelled, I know.) It makes for very short windows of opportunity to converse. The nice thing about Twitter is that I can at least leave them a message for when they wake before I go to bed. Oooh… I’m making myself dizzy! 🙂 Plus in the U.S., I live in Arizona which is the only state that does NOT change for daylight savings time twice a year. It’s never the same time anywhere for me. 😛 One friend sent me a pic of his sunset while I was still asleep, not yet sunrise here. It may be confusing, but still a very romantic concept to me that you could be living in my future.

    • I didn’t know that about Arizona being the only state that doesn’t – interesting. But yes, a great way to make friends from the world over – it is a bit like that haiku I did called Small World. Thanks for sharing those sentiments 🙂

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