The rising red Sun

Al-Hamra Fort soaks its rays —

Yesterday’s glories
Al-Hamra, Granada -

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  1. Known in Spanish as Calat Alhambra, or in Arabic Al-Qal’at Al-Hamra (The Red Fortress) was a palace/fortress built in the 14h Century by the Moors in the Emirate of Granada, which was the bastion and remnant of Islamic Spain – what was collectively “Al-Andalus”, encompassing most of Spain and part of today’s Portgual.

    The building was called “Red Fortress” perhaps due to the colour of the clay used to make the fort, as well as the fortress emitting the redness of the Sun’s rise and setting.

    A Goldern-Era in Islamic civilisation, especially in the areas of science, technology, literature and architecture.

    Almost 800 years of Islamic rule came to an end in 1492 with the fall of Granada. The last Moorish king’s mother, is said to have said the following upon their explusion along with the other Muslim inhabitants:

    “Weep like a woman for what you couldn’t defend like a man.”


    • hmm i have been to Spain and Portugal – but unfortunately not to Granada in the south – my parents have been though. One day inshallah for sure. I heard there are guards in the mesquita de cordoba for example that don’t let you pray when they see muslim tourists trying to prostrate there lol.

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