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11 Comments on Copyright Note

  1. I would love to post your “Addictive Haiku” to my new blog ~ ~ of course, with credit to you and a link to your blog. My name is Dani, my Twitter user name is ddh77 (that’s where I started doing haiku) and I am a 50-something-year-old grandmother living in Arizona, USA. I just started doing haiku recently, but am already addicted to it!!!

  2. Hello,

    I love your Al-Kitab Haiku. I hope you don’t mind me posting it on my Facebook page @ I have, of course included a link to your blog.

  3. Dear TalibHaiku, is marking April Poetry Month in order to promote global values and poetry. We are asking for your permission to post your haikus in our twitter account(@Globethicsnet) with the reference to your twitter account.

    Thank you in advance.

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